The Paradoxes of Religion

Well. That is certainly a loaded topic. Religion has many, many paradoxes. And if you’re even slightly up to date with current events, you know that the general public, whether you’re protestant or completely non-religious, is furious with the Catholic church right now. Mainly over the issue of contraception, which I will certainly not get into now because that is an equally loaded topic. And it’s for another post, another time.

Paradox #1 – “I thought Christians’ foundation was built upon acceptance and love of all people. So why can’t you accept my non-Christian life?” It is. Christianity is built upon the foundation of acceptance and love; Jesus IS love. It is us humans that are not perfect, and therefore cannot fully embrace love and acceptance of everything. Secondly, once God is a part of your life – you see it in everyone and everything. It takes a strong individual to see how religion has shaped their life for the better and not impose and want that for others. It’s a very, very fine line; to show and not tell.

Paradox #2 – “There is no proof that Jesus ever walked the earth.” (This is an extremely controversial statement.) In some capacity, there is no proof. But it is a also a scientific limit that you can not prove that something does NOT exist. And let me propose a totally hypothetical situation – let’s just say that the bible was written completely as a book of fiction. (I at one point strongly believed that.)  What’s it to the non-religious? If I feel that I am getting some divine guidance from a God figure, what do I have to lose?

Paradox #3 – “One word – Leviticus” Yes, there is some crazy stuff in Leviticus, and really everywhere in the bible. It is, for me, even more difficult than deciphering Shakespeare. And really I don’t have an answer for this paradox. All I can say is that I have felt more at peace, less anxious, and much more grateful and joyous with prayer in my life.

That’s it for now.

Footnote: If you had asked me 2 years ago if I would have a blog about Catholicism, I would have rolled my eyes and laughed in your face. It is through this experience that I realize just how ironic and hilarious life is. Don’t judge someone – you may turn into that someone.


3 responses to “The Paradoxes of Religion

  1. Hello! I found you because you were following me on Twitter. I look forward to reading more! Make sure you check out #CathSorority on Twitter for a diverse group of girls finding their Catholic identity, too.

  2. Glad to hear from you! I’ve looked at your blog too and love it. I think the #cathsorority girls are great, it seems like a good way to find other people with similar values. We must stick together! : )


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