The Delights of Being a Twenty-Something

   Who are we kidding? High school is something, at least for me, I will gladly keep behind me in those overpriced, overdone, and way overstated yearbooks. Here’s the delight of being in your twenties – it’s a whole brand new decade. And with that comes boundless opportunity. It was much easier to start a new decade when I had picked up my life and moved clear across the country. That kind of forces you to branch out; that was two years ago, and in those two years I have discovered quite possibly the most wonderful aspect of growing older – and that is self-assurance. It can only get better from here on out, right?

    I define self-assurance as not apologizing for who you are. It’s not feeling trampled on when someone insults you. It’s this beautiful feeling of “That’s how you feel, and you can totally own your opinion. I’m going to own mine.” Self-assurance in your twenties is something like, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m going places, damn it.” It’s irrelevant where the cool kids are, and thatis freedom.

So that was just a quick bit about how wonderfully liberating celebrating another birthday can be. I vow to never be afraid, or even worse, ashamed of growing older. It is a privilege, that comes with the perk of confidence, something I always yearned for, but just didn’t know how to acquire. Who knew it just took a little patience, time, and TLC?


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