The Joys of Basil….wait what?

Image  …..ok what the heck is that?

   That, my friends, is a photo of small buddings of my basil plant. I swore it wouldn’t make it. It did, after all, snow for five days straight last week. (Gardening in Montana is not for the weak hearted.) But this morning I woke up to these sweet and precious seedlings. This single event brought me much more joy than anticipated – it’s just a friggin’ plant.

    Many odds were working against this plant…for one I bought the wrong soil and insisted on using it anyways. Like mentioned earlier, it snowed for a week straight – thanks a lot Montana. Who knew that gardening would bring such simple joys into my life? I can’t wait to cook with all the noms and flavors I’m growing. 

    That’s it for now.


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