Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Gambling with your Health

Image      Take a hike! Forget work for an hour. It won’t kill you. 

My health is the most precious, valuable, and irreplaceable thing I own. I never take for granted that I have use of all 4 limbs and to me any day you’re suckin’ in air is a good one. I treat my body like a temple – I eat well, exercise, and give it lots of reasons to rejoice in everyday life. When the sun is shining, I let my skin drink it in (with sunscreen!) and I make sure sleep is a priority (I succeed most of the time).

It is a small tragedy to me that in this society, we are told if we are not putting our health in jeopardy for a career, we are not trying hard enough. I promise you, it’s a scientific and logical fact that we need sleep to function. I don’t think there is a reasonable study out there that says “Surprising new research reveals humans actually don’t need sleep!”

So why does pulling an all-nighter amount to a “tough guy”? I’m in film school, I’m well aware of this notion. “If you’re not willing to work 20 hour days, this isn’t the business for you.” Well, yes and no. It’s not just the film industry that pushes humans past their physical limitations, many industries believe that if an employee isn’t willing to put their health at risk, they are “weak.” And I think that is very, very sad.

I don’t care if I don’t get “ahead” and climb the corporate ladder. I vow to know my boundaries and say no when my body is screaming at me. If you’re in touch with it, your body does talk to you. Listen to it. It talks for a reason.


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