The Catch-22 of Pleasure

Image  Live for joy, not pleasure.

I was told once that “Life isn’t about happiness.” My response was, “Really? Because it should be!” As time goes by, however, I realize the accuracy of that statement. No, life isn’t about happiness. In other words, life isn’t about pleasure. In my experience, joy is a far more gratifying virtue.

Pleasure may look like joy, but don’t be deceived. Joy sticks around when the going gets tough – pleasure can make the going get tough. Pleasure is instantaneous and short lived; joy is a life long practice. Pleasure represents all that feels good, joy represents all that IS good.

I am all about the enjoyment of life. A good book, a good wine, a good dinner with good company. I believe celebrating life should be a daily thing, and I splurge a little on vacation because travel is something no one can take away from you. But do I know the line between joy and pleasure? It’s a fine one. In my life, anything led by Christ is joy. Anything led otherwise has the ulterior motive of pleasure (And then, of course, there is a grey area that I can never tell…)

I hope to use discernment in the life long journey of joy. Pleasure, by human nature, seems right at the time and place. But the catch-22 comes later. Sometimes it takes a while to find you, even years, but it will. Today, I raise my glass to joy and love! Happy Sunday readers!


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