Why I Don’t Miss Cosmo – or Bravo or E!

Image Image   Image  Enriching Media? Not really.

I made a new years resolution back in January that I would slowly pull myself away from reality TV. It started with The Kardashians. I said “Ok, I will no longer watch E! and by the time Lent rolls around I’ll give up Bravo.” It was sort of an experiment to see if my well being was in a better state without the constant hum of the media.

As life would have it, after I moved into my current house, I couldn’t afford cable. So not only am I not watching E! or Bravo, I’m not watching ESPN, TNT, TBS, or even USA. And I work at a TV station. I started to notice a difference in how I spent my time. I started gardening, reading a lot more, and writing. I listen to the radio, especially NPR, and even though I’ve always cooked, I seek out new recipes now more than ever.

The other day in line at the grocery store, I picked up a Cosmo, which used to be a guilty pleasure of mine that I swore I always read with discernment. As I was flipping through, I thought to myself, “Good grief, I don’t even miss this.” Cosmo and I have clearly grown apart in the last 6 months.

For one, our values have completely changed. All the articles about how to get a man seemed petty and immature. The sex tips, which once seemed juicy and lurid, now appeared indecent and debauched. I thought “I have my man, and your sex tips don’t include anything about sacred love. Do women really only want sexual compulsion and physical pleasure?” (I’ve touched a bit on pleasure in my last post, so you know where I stand on that one.)

Needless to say, I put Comso back on the shelf. I get my magazines from the library anyways because I am a broke 20-Something. I realized by slicing out Cosmo and Bravo and E! and all that unhealthy media hum, I’ve been able to cleanse my soul for the better. No, I don’t intend to suspend all media in my life – in this day and age that would be impossible. (Have I mentioned that I work in TV?) But I would like to enrich the media I surround myself with so that I feel more enriched myself.


2 responses to “Why I Don’t Miss Cosmo – or Bravo or E!

  1. Hi Cassie! I’m also a 20-something Catholic and just found your blog through the I Use NFP website. This post and the one about wedding planning totally got me thinking about a brand-spankin-new magazine that I think you’d love called Verily (http://verilymag.com/category/relationships/). It was started by a few ladies I know who were also fed up with the available options for women’s magazines. They cover style, relationships, lifestyle, and culture, and the first print issue just came out and had an article about wedding planning and ditching all the unnecessary fluff that a lot of couples get pulled into these days!

    Anyway, that’s just me shamelessly promoting. Best of luck with your blog and your upcoming nuptials 🙂 I will keep coming back!
    God bless,

    • Hi Tess!
      I always love hearing from readers and connecting with people from all over the world. I have heard of Verily through Twitter and love the work they do! (I secretly want to be Janet Sahm one day.) It’s incredible to me the way the media we drink in affects us, both consciously and subconsciously.

      And oh boy wedding planning. I actually took a 3 day hiatus from it. I said “I’m not going to think about this wedding for 3 days straight.” It felt reallly nice. Thanks for the well wishes! I just have to remember to enjoy the process. 🙂

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