Common Sense of Contraception – Going Beyond the Pink Package

Honestly, one day I will have an entire blog devoted strictly to the issue of contraception; as it is a topic I am very passionate about and it’s a hot one at that. Contraception is currently a very newsworthy subject – and it should be. All this talk about religious freedom and contraception being a “basic human right”. I challenge something different. When I take a step back to look at the big picture for what it really is – I wonder to myself “Am I the only one that thinks this is just absolutely ludicrous?”

As this comic, so eloquently puts it…would a man be put on suppression drugs?


I want to know why in the 50’s, when the pill was being developed, women weren’t offended. (Well, I suppose the fact that women weren’t very verbal in the 50’s.) My thoughts are “Hey. I’m only fertile 5-8 days a month where as man is fertile 100% of the time. Why don’t YOU fix it?” Because do you think men would get on a drug that lowers their libido and makes them gain weight? Not a chance. We are told that “there is no biological reason to menstruate every month”. No, I wouldn’t call it loads of fun, but do you think men would treat their reproductive parts with that attitude? I highly doubt it. And I know they are working on developing birth control for men – but a poll showed that women don’t want that; they want the responsibility in their hands. And the beautiful part? It already is.

It takes a completely new mindset – thinking outside the cosmo ads, with the careless women tossing their hair in the wind. It takes looking past the pretty pink package. It takes something that’s not so common – common sense. The sheer truth is that women think that taking a drug to induce temporary infertility isn’t just desirable, but necessary. We have come to the societal conclusion that this is the standard and it is now a basic human right.      Really ladies? Why do we willingly yield to this belief? We deserve better. We deserve respect.

There is this widespread misconception that our options as women are either contraception or pregnancy – with no in between. We are either doomed with babies or stuffing our body with synthetic hormones. This fallacy really needs to be questioned. No, Catholic Bishops don’t want you off BC so you can pop out babies and cook in the kitchen. I once thought I had no options, and I intended to be on BC in marriage, until I was ready for children. Then I realized I have options. You, too, have options.

If you think Catholic, celibate priests are anti-feminist for debating the HHS mandate, think again. They have your health and your femininity in mind and they want to protect it.


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