My Opinions + Your Opinions = Our World

   I have gotten a little feisty lately. I suppose we all have our opinions and we are certainly entitled to them. All of them.

   I went with a friend today to pick up her monthly birth control as we were out running errands. I knew this wasn’t sheer coincidence. I thought to myself, “These people aren’t bad for selling birth control. They are not monsters, nor evil. They just provide a service I don’t personally support.” And that’s fine. I’m no longer on the pill. That is a choice I make and I hope, for the greater good, I can encourage other people to make that choice as well. But by all means, nobody is inherently a bad person for their choice to use hormonal contraception.

   So I guess in response to my post yesterday, I just want to say that these opinions are my own. I think contraception is a sad reality. It’s not good for my body and it goes against my beliefs. But these views are solely mine. I don’t deem people who hold different views as “terrible people”. After all, that, too, goes against my faith!

    Give love, and be love. And that’s all for today.


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