Evangelism: Everybody Run from the Crazy Lady with the Pamphlet

Image “Excuse me mam would you like to learn about Jesus Christ?”

I had a very misconstrued definition of evangelism growing up. One mention of the word “evangelism”  yielded something like shuddering, eye rolling, gagging a bit (they’re all common reactions…) I thought evangelism was for those “Jesus loving freaks with the pamphlets”. Jenna Marbles wasn’t stretching the truth with her bit about “Excuse me mam would you like to learn about Jesus Christ?” “It’s like 2pm on a Saturday…How long is this going to take? I got shit to do.”

But as I grow in my faith, I learn evangelism has nothing to do with knocking on doors, handing out pamphlets, or invading people’s privacy. It’s a delicate balance of showing and only telling when people ask. One of my closest friends who brought me into faith didn’t do it through lecturing or reprimanding. She just seemed to have everything right, even when things were wrong she never felt despaired. I thought “She really has joy in her life – even on her bad days….how does she do it?” And one day I asked, because I was curious. What’s this Christian thing all about? How do you come off as so joyful, yet never judgmental?

The calm in my soul after giving up my life to my higher power is sometimes overwhelmingly fulfilling. Quite frankly, I don’t know how people without God get through the day. I feel like before, I was doing ok – I was getting by and hoping for something to come along and make me happy. A boyfriend, a good job, a nice house, anything. And I do have those things now – but they are not what make me inherently happy.

I battled with anxiety for a long time. About the future, about money, about marriage, about having a family. (Might I add, I am neither a mother nor married…this just shows how outlandish my anxiety was…) I was in counseling for a good while about it. And now I realize I have my golden guarantee I wanted all along – I have my higher power. Yesterday a friend told me “Once you are Christ’s possession you are tethered to him for life.” I thought, “How wonderful! This is a long term relationship that’s not going anywhere.” Isn’t that what humans deep down crave? Unending compassion and love?

So in conclusion, evangelism for me is neither setting up a booth and handing out flyers nor scolding non-Christians. My evangelism involves living joyfully and showing the world how much bliss my religion has brought me. If people are curious – they’ll ask. I was, after all, once before in that exact position, doubtful, cynical, and stubborn. I much prefer where I’m at now – more at peace and much more joyful.


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