What the Mad Men Got Wrong that America Fell For


The lovely blogger @iuseNFP put out a fantastic post earlier this week. It was about what she refused to believe. And it got me thinking – what do I refuse to believe? Let’s be honest, society isn’t exactly right on a lot, okay really, the majority of things. I’m also an avid Mad Men fan. There’s a common thread, got it? Okay, I’ll just explain.

Advertising sells the concept of happiness. No, not actual happiness, but the concept of it. Which is also the idea that you can buy it. I read a powerful quote by C.S. “The Man” Lewis (at least that’s what I call him) – “Human history is the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God that will make him happy.” IE sex, money, and power. How often to people lead themselves to pain by attempting to attain happiness through temporal and material things? I, personally, refuse to believe that these pleasures will make me ultimately happy.

The media paints a lot of pictures for us. One is that marriage is “game over”. Once you are married, you will grow old, be miserable, hate your job, and never see love again. Passion will dwindle, you may even detest each other, and you will become roommates rather than spouses. Now I’m not married so I don’t have authority on the subject, but I also refuse to believe that marriage is doomed to be that way. God intended marriage to be a wonderful union between two people; if there’s any reason marriage has been so lead astray, it is by human vice. (Perhaps the pursuit of sex, money and power?) I’m aware that things will change, but I absolutely refuse to believe that my yearn and passion for life, love and God will dwindle once that knot is tied. Because, quite frankly, who wants that?

You can’t buy happiness and you don’t have to believe everything you’re told, especially what advertising/media/society tells you. That’s what the Mad Men Got Wrong, but America still fell for it. Let’s challenge it!


Here’s the link to the post I mentioned earlier. It’s fantastic. And totally feminist.


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