Catholicism and Spirituality: Is it for Everyone?

I always admired Christians who were able to somehow write, talk, and converse in a very friendly, non offensive, but still candid way about their faith to non-Christians. In other words, people who say “Everything happens for a reason,” rather than “God has a plan for you.” Non-religious people don’t like being told that God has a plan for them because in their eyes, God does not exist, and you (the Christian) are only making yourself sound more and more ignorant by the minute by insisting on it.

But alas, such is life.

I, personally, can not lead a blog about my journey in spirituality without Catholicism being the absolute core and heart of it. Because for me, my spiritual leader is Jesus Christ, who lived and died for my sins. For me, I believe the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, confession, and communion bring me tenfold in grace. This is my Truth.

However, I do believe God calls all people in infinitely varying ways. While Catholicism is Truth, it is not for everyone. It is my hope that everyone can be in tune with this calling, whether it is to Christianity or not. I watched a great documentary by PBS called “Beyond Our Differences” the other day. I was pleasantly reminded at how neutral, non partisan, and fair PBS’s docs are. “Beyond Our Differences” showed each religion in an equally just light – flaws and virtues alike.

To close things up, all forms of spirituality are callings from God. What you call God is your choice – I choose Jesus. So if I appear to be a “Catholicism is the only way”  Christian, it is only because Catholicism is MY way and for me to separate my spirituality from Christ is impossible. Blessings to all on their spiritual journeys and may you be led to Joy. Ciao!


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