You Make a Difference: Really? Cuz I Feel Like I’m Just Trying to Pay My Bills.


It is a burning yearn for most humans in their deepest desires (after wanting to love and be loved) to make a difference. And we’ve been told since we could talk that “You can make a difference.” We are told *you* matter. And rightly so, I believe every soul has the capacity to make, no matter how seemingly insignificant, a rippling impact on this world. Yes, you do matter.

I used to think in order to make a difference I had to do something substantial and big enough that x number of people would be affected, or at least see it. For instance, this blog, I know is primarily followed by my family and friends. In the world of blogs, I am not “making it big”. The work I do at PBS, compared relatively to national networks, is by no means “big”. But that certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

If you want to make a difference, the president isn’t listening; he has so many other fish to fry. If you really want to make a difference, start small and local. Start with your friends, family, and peers. Start in your home. National mandates don’t mean squat if you don’t first change mindsets. (And yes, I’m indirectly referring to the HHS mandate.)

We are told so often “Leave a better world for your children.” But what about leaving better children for the world? While this route of “making a difference” is clearly not the only way, it is the most hands on, direct and powerful way to do so. You want gays to be accepted, racism to perish, and women to be empowered? Start in the home and teach your children that gay is ok, that race is just race, and that women’s natural bodies are perfect as they are. And above all, teach that all people need and want love. Can you think of a more first hand way to “make a difference”?

I hope one day this will be a course of path for me to make a difference. To all the mothers, the absolute best way to make a difference is to raise outstanding children to love and accept the world as they enter it. In other words, being a mother is the most influential job to have! For those who aren’t and don’t want to be mothers are called to other things, and there is nothing wrong with that. There seems to be a trend of women who don’t want a family because they want a career. (And we all know, in response to the Atlantic Article women can’t have both.) Yes! Women who want a career and are called to make the choice to not have children, should. What I do find something wrong with is the idea that being a mother is being “just” a mother and not advancing society. False. I do not have first hand experience, but my mom worked her ass off to raise my sister and I. (I had a pretty good dad, too. But I’m focusing on women today.) (What else is new??)

Since I am no where approaching motherhood in the near future, my intention to “make a difference” starts right here in the town I live in and my church community. Spread the good news to all your friends today! There is hope for humanity and love is all around. I feel called to make a difference. What about you?

Image  My mom and sister and I in NYC in 2008.


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