The Hooplah With Jezebel, Planned Parenthood and 1Flesh: More Love, Less Hate


There is much hooplah in response to the controversial launch of In other words, people are pissed. It got picked up by Planned Parenthood, Jezebel, and now the Huff Post. (Which is actually quite a feat…) Anyways, my curiosity was piqued and I had to read all the articles and all the comments.

Now I’m aware that I’m a somewhat sensitive soul, but good grief, did they have to be so…vicious? They mocked anyone who was against artificial contraception as complete fools and righteous snobs working against progression. Um, ouch.

And of course, I was tempted to comment and fight back. But then I was reminded, I don’t think anybody, in the entire history of the internet, has successfully convinced anyone of anything via blog comments. Regardless of the topic. If someone is there to fight a position, they are, the majority of the time, committed in a will to disbelieve. They aren’t open to a new mindset, they don’t want to hear your side.

So how are our mindsets formed then?

I stumbled upon NFP/FAM at a time that I was open to change, open to hearing about it. Mainly, I was curious. I was still obstinate that hormonal contraception was the route for me, but I wanted to know what this natural birth control was all about. No pills? No side effects? Same efficacy as the pill? What?? I had to know more. But I was willing.

So I have now taken a vow. A vow to not waste my time trying to convince people who are committed to misunderstanding. If you want to know, by all means, please ask. Otherwise, I refuse to spread the good message of NFP with combat. We don’t need to ban and hate on contraception, we need to unearth the beauty of natural methods so women can willingly make their own choice. This is my joy, my life, my choice.

“Whatever message you wish to spread, do so with Love. Nobody leans an open ear to hate.”





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