What People Really Think About the Church – It’s Not Pretty

I’ve been obsessively following the gossip surrounding 1Flesh. I read all the comments and blogs, from people ardently supporting it to people who write it off as total propaganda. If you read my blog regularly, then you know where I stand. But for me, it’s so much more than a religious issue. In fact, the issue of contraception is so far from a religious ethical matter that it greatly saddens me people are blaming the church for all of this. I read this comment and was shocked:

“The fact that the Vatican does not allow contraception has little to do with god. It has more to do trying to maintain or increase the number of mindless followers. Children who grow up in Catholic families are very likely to become practicing Catholics since their parents force indoctrination on them. But the funniest part of your comment was the belief by Catholics that the Pope somehow has the power to speak to god and “is the voice” of god.. It’s a perfect example of how the Catholic church can warp a mind beyond repair.”

I thought, “My God, is this really what people think?” No wonder people call the church the scapegoat – they have a sorely misconstrued impression of what the church does. Do they know what last weeks sermon was? It was about acceptance, and letting people watch the joy your soul contains. My priest (he is seriously the coolest, most inspirational religious leader I know) said, “People were created to be loved. Regardless of gender, color, or religion. Love them. We like our world in a box, according to our rules. God doesn’t like to be put in a box. Don’t put him there, don’t put others in a box, and don’t you dare put yourself in a box.”

Do people know? Do people know that most (I say most because I’ve never been to a radical church) churches preach love and acceptance? Are these such terrible things to preach?

There may have been a time I thought the church was against contraception because they wanted to “repress progressive times” but through a series of events, I’ve come to realize, it’s so gosh darn beautiful what their reasons are behind it. After doing lots and lots of research, it is clear to me that the church is very pro-feminist. They have ONLY the best intentions for the woman’s soul, mind and body at heart. (Good grief have you read Theology of the Body? It’s so magnificently stunning. Pope John Paul II does nothing short of speaking about the female anatomy with the highest regard.)

So my final question is this: Do they know? Do people know that the church preaches good intentions? Do they know that NFP is a realistic form of birth control that wholly respects the female body? (Not to mention, with same efficacy rate as hormonal contraception, that’s right, up to 99% in some studies #CreightonModel Look it up!) And that’s why the church is against artificial contraception? It seems too deceiving to advocate against the use of contraception, without commending natural forms. Do people know about natural birth control? I don’t think they do. Because if they knew, they wouldn’t be so quick to make the church the scapegoat.

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