Salvation – Way Above My Pay Grade

I was at work earlier this week, and a little card slipped out of a book. The card had the serenity prayer, and the Living One Day at a Time Prayer on one side, and the footprint story on the other. I don’t accept coincidence. Coincidence is merely the language of destiny. So I pocketed the little card smiling to myself, knowing the Universe was giving me a little tap on the shoulder.

Later that night, I got home and re-read the card. “Taking, as He did, this world as it is, not as I would have it.” Such powerful words with compelling meaning. Sometimes I think to myself, “This world is just too big and bad. If only I could fix this and put that right…I can’t change a thing.”

And let’s be honest, I myself am far too small to save the world.

God, however, is not.

I could be wrong, but I’m coming to the conviction that it’s really not my job to save anything anyways. And certainly not singlehandedly. It’s simply not my responsibility to fix, to judge, to convert, or to shake my finger in anyone’s face. My one and only job is to love. (And this is a very, very hard job sometimes.) If I ever was to make a sweeping metamorphosis in humanity, it would not be because of ME, it would be because God himself used my being. I am far from a saint, but this is what Saints embody.

God is within us. He uses everyone to show good to the world, for those that are looking anyhow. You don’t have to perform miracles every day to be a “good” Christian. (I hate pairing the word good with Christian…) You don’t have to try to evangelize every non-Christian person you know.You don’t even have to protest political parties that disagree with your religious beliefs.

What we as Christians ARE called to do is lead joyous lives, loving people regardless of their attributes. I want to make a clause here that loving someone as a brother or sister in Christ doesn’t always mean subjecting yourself to their environment if it is detrimental to your being. (In the case of abusive relationships etc.)

I remember a priest once telling me, “It’s important to have friends from all walks of life. I have plenty of atheist friends, and I’m a priest! But sometimes if certain people are hurting you, you have to make the executive decision to not put yourself in a position to be hurt. Does that make sense?” I nodded, piecing it together.

Anyways, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t have to save anything. That task is far, far above my pay grade and reserved for the man upstairs. I’m just your average girl, learning to live and love. It’s a trial and error kind of process.

Also speaking of paygrade, here’s a funny little video of Catholic humor. Father Guido – Life is a Job:


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