Wisdom and Memory Lane

I am back in the hot, humid South for a week to visit my parents. This should go without saying, but sleeping under the roof where I grew up obliges me to take a walk down Memory Lane.

I was reading some of my journals last night (I have kept a journal since about 4th grade, so you can imagine how many different emotions I feel going back and reading!) and read one from my sophomore year of college. Here’s a quick background of what was going on:

I was 20 years old.


I was studying Communications, and this was right before I made the big move out to the Northwest. I took a class called Interpersonal Communication – taught by this adorable little blonde lady, who poured her soul into the course load. This class opened a lot of doors and windows to learning about myself. On the last day of class, she gave us 7 pieces of advice to carry for life.

1. Even simple acts and messages have BIG consequences. Even a smile, a simple, selfless favor can change someone’s day.
2. Recognize you have a choice. You can choose how you want to lead your life and how you react to circumstances you can’t control.
3. Play with uncertainty. It is the true treasure of life.
4. Embrace your decisions. Grades are important, but sometimes other experiences can be more valuable. She then proceeded to tell us the “double D story”. Where she had booked tickets to Mardi Gras her senior year of college. A professor of hers scheduled an exam during the time she had planned to be in New Orleans. She pleaded for him to let her take the exam early, but he wouldn’t budge. So she took the hit, and got a fail for the exam and a D in the class. She said though, that she had embraced the decision to go and to this day, does not regret it.
5. Be here now. If you’re looking for life, it just happened.
6. Figure out who you are – and who others are not. You need not change others, only instill growth in yourself.
7. If you want to do something, DO IT.  Circumstances will always get in the way, but if you really desire something from the bottom of your heart, do your damndest to make it happen.

Memory Lane has some hearty wisdom for my future self. I’ll just leave it at that.


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