Fall isn’t just about bringing in the plants!

My garden has burgeoned it’s last tomato. My spices have been brought inside, where they will remain until probably next June. The mornings are markedly chillier than they were a couple of weeks ago, and I may just have to switch to my winter bedding soon. Winter is coming. Even though the fall equinox is in a couple of weeks, I say winter, because I live in Montana. Fall is a quick little suggestion by Mother Nature until snow overpowers. And it will, it always does.

In my humble opinion, the seasons are one of the most beautiful and symbolic gifts on earth. The natural change of weather forces us to change. Change our wardrobe, our bedding, bring in the plants, start paying a heat bill. It is through the change of seasons I feel ushered by the universe to get out of any rut I was previously in. Time to change up the routine.

Every new season, my boyfriend and I complete a “seasonal bucket list”. For example this past summer, we wanted to hike Grotto Falls, I wanted to go rollerblading with our new (at least new to us) skates, and he wanted to go fishing in Paradise Valley. We don’t always get around to all of the bucket list – but writing it down gives us a reason to be excited for the new season, and also keeps us creative throughout it. So I suppose this is my encouragement to you – what’s on your seasonal bucket list? Doesn’t have to be a big ambition or triumph. It can be as small as…a new recipe you saw and once wanted to try. Or maybe you didn’t make it ice-skating much last winter as you had hoped. Or maybe there’s that really cool restaurant you’ve wanted to take a date to. Just write it down, welcome the cooler weather, and cheers to the new season!
Hello fall/winter – I’m excited for apple cider, football season, and boots!

Also – feel free to share your bucket lists if you have one : )


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