Getting “Saved” is not a One-Way Ticket!

There is this misconception that becoming a Christian is a one-act scene. Accept God in your heart, boom – you are “saved”.

My friends, I am far from perfect, but I can tell you with confidence that if you are Christian, accepting God in your heart is something you should be doing every. damn. day.

When things are good, when things are tough, when people are wonderfully warm and friendly, when people hurt you, when you hurt others, when life encompasses beauty, and when it rears its ugly head – we must never take lightly that as Christians, our job is never done. As long as our earthly bodies walk this planet – we can choose against God any second. We have never “mastered” our spirituality; we must work daily to keep up with Grace.

This is not easy. We will fail sometimes. The point isn’t to absolutely never fail, the point is that when we do, we make the choice to come back to God. And it might happen again – and again – and again. (Hopefully not with the same sin….) And if we make the choice to come back to God – He will welcome us every time with open arms, so unlike we often are with ourselves and others.

That’s the point. Salvation is not a one-way ticket. It’s a daily choice.


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