Go Where You’re Celebrated!

My mom always told me, “Go where you’re celebrated.” To me, this means go where people love and accept you, and if at all possible, avoid the soul suckers.

When I was first coming into my faith a little less than 2 years ago, the only practicing Catholic in my life was my wonderful boyfriend, who is truly wonderful, but it was him, and him alone, that I could share religious struggles and triumphs with. I went to church once a week – and that felt enough. I got my weekly dose of scripture and encouragement and I got sent off for another 7 days.

Then I started reading scripture and the Catechism on my own. I thought, “Well I better become a little more versed in this stuff if I’m going to write about it.” And plus, the Catechism is just so gosh darn beautiful. So I was doing daily readings, praying throughout my daily routine, going to weekly church, and sometimes doing events with the church. Anyone see a gaping hole?

Fellowship. It’s huge and I’m just now realizing how important it is to spiritual prosperity. We need others who share our views, values, and struggles. If you’re a young Catholic girl struggling with something, chances are there’s another Catholic girl out there with the same conflict.

Recently, I started going to a women’s Catholic group, and quite frankly, I don’t know what took me so long. I suppose for a long time, I thought I wasn’t a “good enough Catholic”. I also felt like I didn’t know enough about the church and its teachings (hence why I read up on scripture and the Catechism, but guess what? I still have so much to learn! ….And it’s OK.) Fellowship isn’t just beneficial for our spiritual health, but necessary. If you are a cradle Catholic, this could be something you’ve never thought twice about – you grew up in a Catholic home, went to Catholic school, and the majority of people in your life are Catholic. This is not me. Like I said, for a long time I had little people to go to outside of my boyfriend to discuss spiritual things.

I would never abandon my non-religious friends, I have some great connections with people from all kinds of walks of life, and I find much value in this. Religious people or not – go where you’re celebrated! But let us not forget how important fellowship is. We do not have to go through life alone.


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