Brewing in the Future – Fertility Awareness Promos!

With a much needed Christmas Break heading my way, I’m looking forward to spending my time off working on some passion projects. I’ve finally made the plunge and purchased CS6 for other work needs. (For those of you not familiar with it, CS6 is an editing suite of software with animation programs, video and photo editing, etc.) I have long wanted to use my editing skills to promote Fertility Awareness with graphic promos.

I still would love to look into being a fertility instructor one day, but I have one glaring weakness when it comes to that – I have little to no medical training. While I have devoted nearly the last year to researching this wide topic of fertility, it has been through books, discussion, blogs, websites, and dialogue. While I feel I know more about the female body than even some nursing students, I have no formal training that lends credence to me. But damn can I edit some promos! (Not to too my own horn or anything….)

In a way, this is my Not-For-Profit passion venture. (Ok someone please tell me you got the NFP insinuation there….Anyone? Bueller?) I began in film because I love movies, I continued in editing because I get a thrill from the puzzle, and I think it’s a not-so-far reach to blend my passion of fertility with video editing.

My goal is to expose NFP as a possible, effective, and healthy practice for females to either plan families or track health. My goal is NOT to bash artificial contraception users nor simplify NFP so it appears effortless.

I’ll keep you all in the loop and let you know how it’s coming along. If anyone has a suggestion, don’t be shy! I’m excited to start this project, and welcome advice.

Oh! And here’s an awesome video about the creative process and why it takes TIME!


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