Being a Dreamer, While Paying Bills and Doing Taxes

I write about being twenty-something a lot, because….well – because I’m 22. It’s a really strange (but wonderful!) stage of life. I’m in film school. I work 2 regular jobs (I guess 3 if you include the work I do for the school paper) and do freelance editing work when it comes my way. I work a lot, but I’m not a “starving film school graduate”…..yet. There’s a handful of “grown-up” things I do have to deal with – budgeting, doing taxes, w-9’s (yuck), and rationing food til the month’s up. There’s still a lot of “grown-up” things I DON’T have to deal with just yet – health insurance, car insurance, and braving my very own cell phone plan. (Oh the time is coming, my friends, looming all too close.)

When I was in high school, I was a dreamer. I wanted to jet across the country to Cali with my hair in the wind, not a care in the world. I remember my sister would roll her eyes at me and say, “Um, you realize the price of living in LA is like 4 times as much as anywhere else?” I would reply, “I don’t care! I don’t need money, I just want to live my life!” (Kinda like that Rhianna song…)

I would have been all about this. You know the sappy little pins that lead little practicality but all exoticism? “Live your life, don’t worry about refilling this car that gets terrible gas mileage 12 times on your road trip.”

Well, I got a dose of reality. Paying rent is not all it’s cracked up to be. Bills kinda suck. And dreams get, er, modified I suppose. I consider myself still living a “dream”, one that’s constantly fluidly changing. I work in TV, how could I complain? I edit, something I’ve always wanted to do. (Even though, sometimes I take freelance work that is totally boring and not something I actually want to do. But hey, that’s growing up right?) I have found a calling in the Fertility Awareness world.

A while back, I heard some advice that just rang all too true for me. “Do the things you HAVE to do now, so that later you will have the resources and ability to do the things you WANT to do.”

For the record, I don’t want to move to LA anymore. I mean, if I got a job offer, I’d consider it, but I’m not about to break my neck in a city I don’t really want to be in if there’s other options. Would I edit only the things I wanted to edit, and teach fertility awareness, and travel the world, and cook a glamorous meal every day if I was still making a decent living? Yah. And maybe one day I’ll get there, but there are certain steps I have to make now to perhaps achieve such a lifestyle one day. (For instance, editing videos about proper hooding in commencement ceremonies. They were fantastic people to work with, and the video was fairly painless, but I wouldn’t call it my creative masterpiece.)

I often butt heads with my wonderful boyfriend about this. I am miserably practical and he is terrifically hopeful. Has anyone experienced this within a relationship? How do you find compromises within the different outlooks? One last question, what sort of career choices have you made, good or bad, that have led you to where you are today?

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone, and rival weekend for my football fans! (Go Tigers!)


2 responses to “Being a Dreamer, While Paying Bills and Doing Taxes

  1. Cool stuff here! In re: your question about relating… I offer to you that I’ve found it most helpful to honor who my girlfriend is by seeking to appreciate her uniqueness and ask her to do the same for me – the fusion of our lives becomes a mutual respect and enjoyment, as well as sharing of two distinct, but complimentary life journeys – btw: I’m the ‘dreamy one’ and my partner is ‘practical’ and we often discover influences that are helpful within our differences – hope that helps! All the Best, dig your thoughts and images here – Many Thanks, Travis W

    • Thanks! That’s actually some really good advice. I think when both partners are open (that’s the key!), they can learn from each other what they’re lacking. It’s a huge inspiration when my boyfriend tells me I can do something I otherwise would think is impossible or illogical. And on the flip side, I can be the voice of reason when he goes off on something that might not be the wisest route. Thanks for stopping by : ) I love getting comments from readers!

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