Not Your Grandma’s Rhythm Method

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Modern methods of Fertility Awareness promote a comprehensive knowledge of the female body to chart health and fertility. With this knowledge women can either prevent or achieve pregnancy. Contrary to a common mix up with the antiquated rhythm method, Fertility Awareness Methods can be highly effective when practiced correctly.


3 responses to “Not Your Grandma’s Rhythm Method

  1. I’m here with your mom watching your fertility matters promo. one suggestion: get rid of organic and change to hormone-free or natural and change order: natural (or hormone-free or keep organic) comprehensive xx% effective. and maybe keep the slides up longer (at least the first one) and great job!

    • Thanks! I tossed a few combinations around trying to find the best one…I might like hormone free better than natural…organic does sort of sound like food. And I wanted to stray from a percentage effectiveness because that’s so widely debated. But thank you for the advice! I love hearing people’s thoughts.

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