I Have an Announcement…..

I have some pretty awesome epic news…..

I’m engaged!

For those that know me personally, and especially my very closest friends, you probably saw it coming. Kyle and I have been pondering it for a while now, but wanted to wait at least until after Easter, our 2 year anniversary. Sneaky, sneaky.

I came to Montana in January of 2011 through an exchange program and was only supposed to be here for a semester. I make the very clear point that I made the decision to stay here before I met Kyle. It’s true. Anyways, we started dating around Easter of 2011 and had our first date at Moonlight Basin, and had to this day, the most epic day of skiing I’ve ever had.


We saw Slightly Stoopid live in Missoula.


We won a 48 hour film festival in Spokane.


We traveled to Charleston and I showed him my old stomping grounds.

Ok…are you sick of it yet?

Well, the rest is history, as they say. I can babble on and on just how much I love this boy, but for the sake of eye rolls and gag-me reactions I’m just going to tell you to take my word for it.

We’re looking at a summer/fall 2014 wedding. But to be honest, I just want to enjoy this special and exciting time before we dive into planning.

Oh the proposal? Here you go.


The ring? It’s a simple rose gold diamond band, and we’re getting custom rings made by a local jeweler.

We are crazy blessed. That is all.


5 responses to “I Have an Announcement…..

  1. Congratulations!!! Wishing you both many blessings and lifelong happiness. Great blog by the way, just found it today because someone linked it on my NFP facebook group. 🙂

  2. Congratulations!! I didn’t catch that you were engaged! Being engaged is so much fun, but being married is even better! Enjoy each stage and God Bless!

    • Thanks Karina! We are enjoying this stage AND very much looking forward to marriage. : ) You, of course, are entering a very exciting new time too! Motherhood will be something to be cherished, I’m sure.

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