Healing vs. Curing: A New Series on Holistic Health

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Sometimes I think I did it sort of backwards. A lot of people are already living a “natural lifestyle” when they come into NFP/FAM. I was living a healthy enough lifestyle, but discovering NFP and FAM was what tipped me into the crunchy world of holistic living. I think an increasing number of people are saying, “Wait a minute – why are we preaching against artificial hormones in our dairy and meat while I take it in a pill every day? What are my other options?” These people are already actively seeking an all natural way of living that works toward preventing and healing rather than concealing and suppressing.

This goes to say for pretty much all of Western Medicine. This is not a newfound concept – easy “fixes” for health ailments has been around the block in America because it’s easy, quick, and profitable. An Eastern approach to medicine takes time, attention, and often times the “drugs” can be found in your local grocery store. Thus not so profitable. The drugs that Western Medicine uses, typically must be taken indefinitely whereas Eastern Medicine, although it might take more time to cure it – once your body is trained, the “drugs” are no longer needed.

This is not to say, of course, that Western medicine is for naught. My father is epileptic. The drugs he takes keeps him seizure-free and alive. So with that, please note that I am not trashing Western medicine as a whole.

A few months ago, I visited a naturopath doctor about some cycle related issues. I was unconvinced that her input could actually cure anything, but I was curious and wanted to know what a naturopath doctor was all about. She advised me to take rosmarinus, fish oil, flax oil, magnesium, vitamin B, and pumpkin seeds. I was also to get specifically different types of nutrition during different hormonal phases in my cycle. (For example, lots of omega fatty acids in phase 3.)

Now that sounds like a lot of work. And after I left her office with all this scribbled on a pad of paper, I thought “I’m just gonna see what I can do.” I went to a holistic health store and bought what I could fit into my budget.

That was 3 months ago. I find the pumpkin seed and flax go nicely with my yogurt at lunch. The rosemary tastes kind of minty so I take it when I brush my teeth in the morning and when I go to bed. The fish oil comes in these gummy chewys so I always have them on my vanity and the vitamin B and magnesium – well I just don’t really think about it anymore.

The other day I looked in the mirror and thought “Holy cow – my skin is glowing. All of that acne did clear up.” My other cycle related issues have, if not completely vanished, at least been alleviated.

I had already been a healthy person, but I’m learning health is a much bigger picture than just eating your veggies. I can’t help myself when I pass the skin care aisle at CVS. It boggles my mind that these “miracle cures in a bottle” are even allowed to advertise the way they do. Chances are, if you have acne, it is your body responding to something going on inside; either a food allergy or a hormone imbalance or a respiratory problem. You can scrub your face all day and all night – but soap won’t fix an inside hormonal problem.

That is just one example of how our culture views curing. Which to me, has a different definition than healing. Which is why I’d like to start a new series on this blog on holistic health and healing. There’s a complete new way to look at health. And it doesn’t require a prescription, or even a new fangled invention.

So check back soon…the first topic I’d like to tackle is healing different types of acne.

*This is very important that I say this – I AM NOT A DOCTOR. So obviously, if your doctor says something otherwise or advises you to do something differently, please listen to them over me. This series is meant to be anecdotal.

PS – I’d love to get a guest post on this series! Contact me at cassondrajediting@gmail.com if you’re interested. And don’t be shy!


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