Affirming Everyone’s Suspicion that I’m “That Crazy Fertility Girl” and other 1st Phase Reflections


It’s time for #1stphase link up again! Although, I have a confession, my most recent revelations come more from #1stphase AND #2ndphase. But nevertheless, everything in a woman’s world is connected. So here goes.

I’ve been struggling with wanting to connect locally with women and couples that are interested in using / or currently using NFP/FAM. I kept battling back and forth whether or not I would go through with it. Then, my “therapist” (who I wrote about last week, aka the most awesome pre-cana counselor ever) told me I had no choice but to start a support group locally. She said, “You’re never going to connect with the people you want to connect with locally if you don’t put yourself out there.”

And I did a little research. We may be a small town, but we’re a crunchy town. I attended an online seminar on fertility charting where over a thousand people showed up. I racked my brains, “Where are these women??” I can’t possibly be the only person in the state of Montana that charts.

So the first step was to reserve the room at the library. Scary. I did it. Then I realized that in today’s world, you don’t exist if you don’t exist online. So I got a free website up and running.  And now I must promote around town. Luckily, I work in promotions, so I’m not totally in the dark.

Can I tell you how scary all of this is? It’s absolutely terrifying. I imagine this must be what it feels like to “come out”. Actually this might be scarier. Because at least people know what gay is. People hear fertility awareness and go “huh”? “No I don’t have fertility problems. Fertility is for those people that actually want kids and can’t have them. Besides, isn’t that just the rhythm method?” And I’m flapping my arms going “No! It’s not the $%&*#$( rhythm method!”

My first fear was “Ohmygosh, what if no one shows up? What if it’s just me and my stupid laptop all alone?” Then I talked to a few people who said they would definitely be interested and knew a few others too. Then my most immediate fear was “Ohmygosh what if people actually DO show up??”

I was then scared of being pegged as “That crazy fertility girl.” Then I reminded myself that I’m already pegged as that. So I may as well keep going forward. High risk = high reward. My mom has a masters degree in economics, I know enough.

Anyways – the point being that this past #1stphase I decided to take a leap of faith with my passions because I have a deep yearning for helping and connecting with women. Which is exactly what this linkup was created to do. Blogging, Twitter, and other internet sources has created a great foundation for empowering women. And now I want to bring it to my real life in my physical space. (Isn’t it crazy how there’s a difference between “real life” and “online life”??)

So readers – just to help me guide this a little bit, what is something you would like to see in a NFP/FAM support group?


OH! And check out April’s page for more linkups.


One response to “Affirming Everyone’s Suspicion that I’m “That Crazy Fertility Girl” and other 1st Phase Reflections

  1. This is awesome! I really think something like this is needed now. Women are learning more about NFP, I think, but making the switch can be scary to do. Like breastfeeding, it’s natural, but people need support to be successful at it. At Elizabeth Ministry International we are starting an NFP Women’s Group in September! I thought about opening it up to couples, but I wanted women to feel comfortable about bringing up all the little details of their mucus or whatever, so in the end we decided to have it just for women. Maybe every-so-often, we’ll have a more social meeting where men can come. Good luck with your group and I’d love to hear how it goes (and what worked or didn’t work).

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