Wedding Planning, IVF, and Saints: My Life as of Late

So I’ve been a little uh – MIA over the last few weeks. As someone who prides themselves on being a “regular blogger”, you sure wouldn’t know it from the month of September so far. So here’s what I’ve been up to:

-Wedding planning, wedding planning, wedding planning. Ever since I bought the dress, I’ve been in total bride mode. For the first time, planning is fun. Arranging activities, logistics, design – it’s just pure fun. It gives a whole new perspective on the idea “Why stress for 12 months just for one day?” because why not have fun for 12 months for one day? I’ve finally come to the realization that “wedding planning” is the current season of my life and I want to enjoy it because after it’s gone – it’s gone. Plus – we have save the dates now. No going back! (Also if you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest – I extend my most sincere apology for you having to put up with all of my wedding pins/tweets.)


But for real – these were so fun to design. (Kyle pretty much did the work!)


-Organizing hosting Bozeman NFP/FAM group. My first meeting was a total success. Ok, only two women showed up. But they were lovely people to chat with and get to know. They were both members of my parish and were just – joy filled mothers and women. It’s so refreshing to be around females inspired and fulfilled by their faith. Talk about New Feminism.

-I’m taking a philosophy class called “Moral Contemporary Issues”. As you can imagine, “Moral Contemporary Issues” is a rather large spectrum. So far we have talked about animal rights, abortion, and are starting reproductive rights next week. I feel pretty lackluster in this class because I am representing an overwhelmingly unpopular minority (Catholics). Although, ironically, I have found many people purporting beliefs that actually reinforce Catholic teaching, unbeknownst to them. I think it’s really cool when this happens.

-Also, for this class we had to read some articles on IVF. Did you know that it can cost up to $43,000 (and that’s before all the pre-natal expenses) and the success rate is only 15-25%?? I had NO idea how expensive it was and how low the success rate was. ALSO this:

-“A substantial body of experimental, clinical, and epidemiological evidence indicates that hormones play a major role in the development of several cancers. The ability of hormones to stimulate cell division in certain organs, such as the breast, endometrium, and the ovary may lead to the accumulation of random genetic errors that ultimately produce cancer. Hormone related cancers account for more than 30% of all newly diagnosed female cancer in the US.” I AM FASCINATED BY THIS KIND OF STUFF.

-I have discovered my love for saints. When I first came to my faith, I kinda thought saints were boring and overall just not interesting. BOY was I wrong. I’ve been enthralled by their stories. I feel like there is a huge chunk of Catholic faith I was missing out on, that has so much richness and value.

So I haven’t fallen off the blogging grid. Just kinda been wrapped up in life. But isn’t that a good thing?


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