Miscon(tra)ception: Reframing my Views on Women, Fertility, and Feminism

I always talk about making a film, especially a documentary film, and especially especially a personal, intimate documentary film as being an out of body experience. I mean really – films take on a whole life of their own and they evolve and force the filmmaker to grow.

Well. Growing I have been doing. Let me tell you.

I love fertility charting. I look forward to seeing that little number on my chart, I feel accomplished when, yet again, I’ve predicted my period down the very morning of. But also – I’m an anomaly. Not all women find charting nearly as fun, in fact – they find it a burden. And I get that.

But that’s not what my film is about. My film is about the fact that women aren’t educated about their own bodies because we “aren’t to be trusted”. Which is woefully reminiscent of pre-feminism days. My film is about the conflict between a world where female health is enveloped with the word “choice” – but my choice to not use hormonal contraception and go with a natural method is not just unsupported, but insulted. In 2014, I’m still boxed into the stereotype that I can’t be responsible and level headed. Girls just wanna have fun, right?

But many, many women prefer not to worry about their fertility. Many women, and rightly so, prefer to take an easier route. And they should have the freedom to do so.

See this conflict? That’s what my movie is about. When I originally envisioned my film, I wanted women everywhere to flock to charting instructors. That’s not going to happen. Maybe a few do, but my film is about exploring women and giving voices to their experiences. So my film isn’t some propaganda trying to promote an NFP agenda, but it’s not going to put the pill on some throne either. I’m going to address the pros and cons of all the sides. And ultimately, it’s just an honest account of a girl who found her passion in fertility after ditching the pill and wants to explore why women don’t know more about their own bodies.

So you want to see the trailer? Check out my kickstarter, and if you’re feeling generous, please do donate. If we don’t reach our goal, we get none of the money! This is a great opportunity to be involved in grassroots movements to spread fertility awareness. And my crew won’t let you down. 🙂


6 responses to “Miscon(tra)ception: Reframing my Views on Women, Fertility, and Feminism

  1. Just found your blog (and Kickstarter), I’m excited for this documentary. As a recent Catholic revert also in her 20s I’ve just plunged into the world of learning about my body and how it works, it is a shame not more people know this information.

  2. I just watched your video from an email Kindara sent me! I thought, “Wait a second. I’ve been reading a blog by a Cassie who’s charting…could she be the same person?” Yep! I’m so excited about your project. I maintain that secular arguments for the truths found in Catholicism (such as women/couples being smart enough to understand their fertility) is the way to go. Congratulations on being fully funded!

    • Oh how funny! Thanks for your encouraging words. It makes a world of difference to hear that people support me. I definitely felt like a crazy person in the beginnings if this film. I thought “does anyone even care about this?” And the answer is a resounding YES!

  3. I’ve been a lurker of your blog/twitter/etc. for a while and I just wanted to let you know how excited I am for your documentary. I too had doctors tell me the Pill would cure all my ills, and I found that to be a lie. I’m so looking forward to this, because I’m kind of obsessed with all things NFP/FAM. So congrats and rock on!

    • I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one obsessed with all things NFP/FAM! It’s my favorite subject. Thanks for your kind words and support. More women really can benefit from this knowledge and I hope my film can broaden that audience. 🙂

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