About me

I’m Cassie.


I am a 20-something Catholic. I originally started this blog to talk about my faith, but quickly learned I wanted to write about much more than just theology. This blog is a chronicle of my life as I enter my career, my passions, and my marriage. Kind of a lot.

I’m finishing up film school, currently working in the promotions department of PBS and I do freelance promotional editing work for companies all over. I’m in production right now for my thesis film, which is a documentary on women’s journeys (including myself) off the pill into fertility charting.

Speaking of which, I’ve spent the last 2 years dedicating my free time to studying the vast topic of fertility. It has become a passion of mine and I absolutely LOVE talking about it, so feel free to hit me up with questions, comments, or just to chat! Here are the main things I blog about on 20somethingcatholic.com:

Faith: I wasn’t always Catholic. I believe the appropriate term is “revert”. Obviously, my faith is part of who I am. I wouldn’t be here today living the life I lead without it. I blog a lot about the struggles and joys of leading a Catholic life. At the end of the day – Catholicism is home for me. It is what gives life to me and makes me a better, more whole, more fulfilled person. And I love that.

Fertility: After a long time of bad side effects on hormones, I discovered fertility charting. This opened a whole world for me. As I learned more and more about biology and reproductive health, I have found the topic of fertility very close to my heart. And if you don’t know this about me – I post about fertility A LOT. I now know more about the female cycle, breastfeeding, and pregnancy than I ever expected to know. It’s kind of a shame I didn’t go to med school at this point… Anyways, I blog about charting fertility, reproductive health issues, and embracing a natural alternative to hormonal contraception. I believe it is first and foremost a health issue, and not a religious one.

Holistic Health and Healing: I just started a new series here about holistic health. I write about healing our health naturally through diet, vitamins, and natural alternatives. (Cuz I’m crunchy like that.)

Working in TV/Film: I do promotional editing for PBS and I also have my own freelance company. I especially love when I get projects about things I’m passionate about. I’ve done editing for a fertility charting platform and a cloth diapering company, which were products I was very thrilled to promote. My long term goal? I really want to be involved with a lingerie line one day. And the Softcup Company. I respect companies that support women in non-traditonal ways. It is such an exciting time of my life to have a career ahead of me. I find wisdom and encouragement by reading other’s journeys. Maybe mine can be one for you?

Some other things you might find me writing about here: attempting to be a wanna-be gourmet chef, my strange take on feminism, my ever changing journey in learning about economics, and me trying to figure out how the hell I feel about American politics (currently still inconclusive).

I love generating conversations with readers and encourage comments. So don’t be shy!

If you have any questions, concerns or want to connect I can be reached at cassondrajw@gmail.com.


6 responses to “About me

  1. Yay! I’m excited that I stumbled across your blog this afternoon. I’m also a 20somethng lady, and have just begun the adventure that is charting. I wonder if you have any experience about the Marquette method, or if you have ever used it? Being a scientist at heart, I’m all about conducting tests (ish? Testing your urine for hormones is sorta like a science experiment right?) and analyzing data, but I haven’t been able to find many bloggers who chose that method. Any thoughts or tips for a beginner charter? Thanks in advance!

  2. I’m glad you stopped by! I have read a lot about Marquette, but haven’t used it. I currently use sympto-thermal and I chart with a phone app, which I find incredibly convenient. Really, different methods appeal to different people for a good reason, that is, we’re all different! You can also mix and match methods once you get the hang of charting. (Billings with a temp check, sympto-thermal with an ovu predictor kit) I’ve also heard of saliva testing, which is still new and developing but really cool.
    My advice would be go with what your body is telling you, not what you want it to tell you. Patience is the name of the game, but I promise it pays off. : ) Also, in the first few months, I was really eager to see a perfect chart, but it took about 6 months for it to finally click for me. So get in your groove and be patient!

  3. I’ve poked around your blog some tonight…excited to find it! I’m an early 30’s cradle Catholic new mom. I’ve been practicing NFP for 3 years now….it comes so natrually now, I really don’t even have to chart anymore (…is that bad?) I still do when I remember to (: but definitely don’t stress about it like I did when I first started. I saw you are from SC…have you been to St. Mary’s in Greenville? I was married there…beautiful church and the high Mass on Sunday is breathtaking!

  4. Hello Cassie!

    I recently learned of your kickstart project and LOVE your idea. I practice fertility awareness/natural family planning myself and am very passionate about women’s reproductive health, happiness and awareness. I am currently a practicing doula, starting midwifery school in the fall, so my passions are really all encompassing what you’re trying to educate others about.
    While I can’t really offer any monetary assistance, I heard in your video that you were coming to Denver, and I happen to live in the area. If you are in need, I’d love to help in whatever ways I can. Either way, good luck! And, I’m so happy to see other women working to promote informative, positive, information. Keep going 🙂

    Kylie Reed

    • Kylie, thanks for reaching out! If you can’t donate monetarily to the film, just spreading the word is a huge help. There are so many misconceptions behind NFP/FAM and I hope in my film to be honest about all of it – the good and the bad! It sounds like we are very passionate about the same things. 🙂 I would love to get certified to teach FAM, but I should probably get through film school first. We are headed to Denver/Boulder area February 21-25. If you want to set up some kind of interview, we’d definitely be interested. Shoot me an email and we’ll talk. Thanks again for connecting!

      • Hi Cassie!
        A facebook friend (acquaintance, really) posted your kickstarter and I am so excited to see you are doing this! Fertility awareness is something I am passionate about and completely appalled so many of us women do not know the facts about our cycle! I am excited to read more from your blog, and was extra excited to find out you are Catholic. 🙂 It makes me even more confident in your project knowing it will be rooted in not only the truth of our bodies, but also the truth of the faith! I noticed in your previous comment that you’ll be in Denver soon- I am actually a missionary with FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and while Denver is my home I do not currently live there- BUT I wanted to let you know that FOCUS’ headquarters is out there…with many women/couples who practice and support NFP if you are in need of interviewees, promotional help, resources…or even just a place to stay, assistance of any kind, etc. They may even be interested in promoting your project on our national blog or do an interview with you that we can put out there. Anyways, I am sure there’d be plenty of people willing to help! Thank you for all you are doing for spreading truth! My prayers and support are with you!!

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